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No matter where you were born, or why you choose to be in Claresholm, you are important to our community and we are glad that you are here!

We understand there are challenges with living in a new place, and the cultural norms and rules of language may feel different. We honour your courage and can offer support as you navigate this new path. We are here to help you get connected. We want you to feel welcomed, included, and comfortable in your new community!

Town of Claresholm Welcome Sign

Moving to a new location can be a big endeavour. Finding the right information for your needs may feel overwhelming. We would like to make this process easier for you and have gathered facts and resources to help.

A helping hand from the Town of Claresholm

Claresholm has a team of local organizations working for your success. There are services for education, employment, settlement, language supports and many others determined by your needs.

Volunteer helps newcomer to Claresholm connect to support resources

Whether you are new to Claresholm or are an established community member we can connect you to activities and groups that are personally meaningful. Being open to volunteering can help build lasting friendships and future opportunities.